Rice Park Lights New Years

Rice Park Lights, St. Paul

As we say goodbye to another great Christmas and usher in the New Year, I thought we would leave this year with a few images from Rice Park in Saint Paul, MN and from Bachmans Nursery.

Poinsettias and Gnomes

My holiday season started with the traditional shopping, gathering gifts for loved ones, meeting great friends for lunch, and enjoying another great holiday season of lights and beautiful color. While out and about, I decided to stop by Bachmans nursery, one of Minneapolis/Saint Paul’s favorite places for more than just poinsettias. These Gnomes simply just have their own personality, don’t they? Gnomes are a favorite among many of us here in the north, where we remember our Scandinavian roots over the holidays.

Scandinavian Folklore and Winter Solstice

A nisse, (Denmark and Norway), tomte, or tomtenisse (Sweden), or also known as tonttu (Finland) is a mythological creature from Scandinavian folklore typically associated with winter solstice and the Christmas season. These gnomes are generally described as being no taller than 90 cm (35 in), having a long white beard, and wearing a conical or knit cap in red or some other bright color. They have so much more personality – I couldn’t resist capturing these images for everyone.


Let The Lights Shine for 2017

Regardless of how your 2016 was, we hope you had a fabulous holiday season and we look forward to hearing from you in 2017. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Rice Park, you have plenty of time. The winter carnival is soon upon us and hopeful we will have wonderful “cold” weather for it. Take a look on my website and see if you can find one of my photos of the last ice castle that was built. Little did I know that when I was hired to shoot the ice castle, that it would be one of the last ones Saint Paul and the Winter Carnival volunteers would have the opportunity to ever build. I leave you this evening with another photo from Rice Park in Saint Paul. Happy New Year everyone!

Lights in Rice Park, St. Paul, MN - Swansonphoto.com
Lights in Rice Park, St. Paul, MN – Swansonphoto.com

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