Architectural And Commercial Photographer, Jerry Swanson Welcomes You!

Twin Cities Skyline by architectural photographer Jerry Swanson

As a personal friend and colleague of Jerry’s, I am excited to have the chance to work again with Jerry and share his amazing talent with architects, designers, leading builders and manufacturing companies around the glob. With Jerry’s new website and blogs, we will be sharing his latest projects, showcasing his body of work, and highlighting his skills as an architectural and commercial photographer.

Architectural and Commercial Photographer, Jerry Swanson
Architectural and Commercial Photographer, Jerry Swanson

Photographer Trained The Old School, Renaissance Way

As one of the few photographers who is trained in photographic design and art, Jerry was taught the old school, renaissance way. Jerry received his training from the University of Minnesota and the Art Center (College of Art and Design in Pasadena, CA). Taught by some of the greats in photography and art while at the Art Center, Jerry himself has been a Guest Lecturer at the University of Minnesota and an Instructor at the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This dynamic architectural photographer resides in the Twin Cities area with his wife and two dogs – but works both locally and internationally. With an extensive client list, Jerry has been shooting images for both national and international clients for over thirty-five years.


Photographer for the most discerning clients

A master at understanding your imagery goals, Jerry’s patience, visual design and creativity allows him to capture the perfect photograph. He examines the lighting, camera angle, and cropping needed to deliver photographs for the most discerning clients. From client consultation, imagery use, progress shots, project phase photographs, to detailed views – Jerry knows how to produce the composition you need through beautiful composition and design techniques.

(C)2016 Jerry Swanson Photography
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Beautiful Composition, Dedicated Excellence, Detailed Planning, and Master Trained

Jerry brings to his work honesty, communication and cooperation between himself and his clients. Jerry strives to set the appropriate expectations with every project and his dedication to his clients is why he has been in business for over 35 years. We create a checklist of items for scheduling the shoot, help gather permissions and releases, and identify who will be on site or will need to be called if problems arise. We also provide an estimate upfront, ensure comp photos are seen by the client, as a “drive by” of what to expect, prior to receiving the final photographs.

(c) 2017 Jerry Swanson Photgraphy
© 2017 Jerry Swanson Photography.

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