Passionate. International. Experienced.

Jerry Swanson is considered one of America’s premier architectural photographers. His unique images are a product of his education in photographic design, dedication to his clients and years of shooting architecture, landscapes and yes even people (upon special request). Clients say Jerry has the uncanny ability to foresee the perfect shot even before it is taken - making each picture just that more unique.

One of the few photographers who is trained in photographic design and art – Jerry, is trained the old school, renaissance way. Jerry received his training from the University of Minnesota and the Art Center (College of Art and Design in Pasadena, CA). Taught by some of the great photographers and artist while at the Art Center, Jerry himself has been a Guest Lecturer at the University of Minnesota and an Instructor at the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Jerry has lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles and currently resides in Minneapolis with his wife Janet and their two dogs.

Whether clients are local or international, they benefit from Jerry’s experience, creative design, attention to detail, and dedication he brings to every project. He currently works with companies located in the United States, Canada, Spain, England, U.K., Holland and Asia.

Jerry Swanson Photography


  • Mark Magazine - Frame Publishers B.V. (Amsterdam, Holland)
  • Andreu World (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Design Store (Toronto, Canada)

"Photography is my passion, an art form and my love affair with life."

~ Jerry Swanson

Beautiful Composition

A master at understanding your imagery goals, Jerry Swanson's patience, visual design and creativity allows him to capture the perfect photograph for any project. He examines the lighting, camera angle, and cropping needed to deliver photographs for the most discerning clients. From client consultation, imagery use, progress shots, project phase photographs, to detailed views - Jerry knows how to produce the image you need through beautiful composition, photographic design, and professional techniques.

Dedicated Excellence

Honesty, communication and cooperation between the photographer and the client, along with setting the appropriate expectations are critical to the success of every assignment. Jerry’s dedication to his clients is why he has been in business for over 35 years. We create a checklist of items for scheduling the shoot, help gather permissions and releases, and identify who will be on site or will need to be called if problems arise. We also provide an estimate upfront, ensure comp photos are seen by the client, as a “drive by” of what to expect, prior to receiving the final photographs.

Detailed Planning

Deep preparation, planning and intuition is required to create the ideal photograph. No one is more thorough and has better “eyes” than Jerry. He accounts for all of the important elements from weather conditions, time of day, season, people desired, natural/interior lighting, interior/exterior elements (furniture, paintings, appliances, fixtures, curtains, animals, reflections, pedestrians, autos, traffic, wires, obstructions) and numerous other elements including cloud formations, rain, dew, sunrises and sunsets.

50 Minutes

To Shoot 5 Magazine Editorial Portraits


For One Perfect Shot

Most Fun

Shooting Interiors of the Pentagon and Designer Cartier Retail Stores

25 Hotels

Shot In 12 States - Over 2 Months