Macy’s – Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota

The end of Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis is truly hard to see. Little did I know that when I was asked to photograph the department store in late 2015, that my pictures would be used to sell the building to developers. Will Chicago’s Miracle Mile be next? Will the revitalization of downtown’s Nicollet Mall become filled with small boutiques like London? We can only hope that when everything get’s closed this Spring that the reopening of numerous stores, restaurants and condominiums will populate the floors of this grand old building.

Macy's Closing - Christmas
Macy’s Closing – Christmas by Jerry Swanson Photography


Childhood Memories Will Live On

I remember the holiday’s as a child with my mother. I couldn’t wait to go window shopping, see the animated characters as snow came down and the wind chilled our faces. What an excitement it was to see the bustling of people as they tried to find the perfect gift and have either Mom or Dad wait with us to see Santa.

Macy's Department Store
Macy’s Closing, Interiors by Jerry Swanson Photography

The closing of this grand store (which many of us still affectionately call Dayton’s), will leave a lasting impact on our city for years to come. The Oval Room delivered the highest fashion and exquisite quality that you couldn’t find except in Chicago or New York.

Macy's Closing - Entrance
Macy’s Closing – Entrance by Jerry Swanson Photography


Shopping On Line

Ebay, Amazon and numerous brand name eCommerce sites have moved our shopping experience to another level of speed and efficiency. No need to park, wait in lines or fight the crowds. It’s immediate and quick, plus we can expect our goods to be delivered by Amazon or drones now. However, with today’s masses shopping online, I still feel we are losing those magical moments we all had as children.

As part of my day, I comb the internet to see the latest photography, read up on new techniques and many times stumble on fashion industry images. We will continue to see major designer brands fight to hold onto market share, while the young up and coming designers push even harder to sell their goods using photographers throughout the world and that wonderful thing we call the internet.

I guess we will now all need to look to the Galleria in Edina or Nordstrom’s at the Mall of America to see if these stores can capture that same degree of elegance and refinement that many of us still cherish.  Oh, how I will miss the beautiful elegance of Dayton’s and their service keyword called “Excellence”.


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